We work closely with highly skilled mould makers to provide high quality moulds. From short run production tooling to hardening steel mould for high volume production, we are able to provide competitive
prices on moulds.

We provide wide range of secondary and finishing processes in house. Our facilities include silkscreen and tempo printing, ultrasonic and hot plate welding, vacuum metalizing and spray painting to enhance the plastic parts.

Emico is equipped with assembly lines to assemble plastic parts and sub-components with required labelling and packaging. Both of our assemble workstations and assembly lines will able to fulfill your needs.

We are strong in components sourcing such as hardware, metal die casting and extrusion components, stamping parts to integrate into the complete products. Customers are welcome to send in their own components.

We work closely with packaging suppliers for final packing/delivery solutions from consumer to palletized packaging.

We have a dedicated team to support your logistic arrangement. We have vast experience in handling export activities as we have shipped to over 45 countries as at today. Averagely we ship 5 containers weekly to different countries all over the world.